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Crystal ball on rocky sea shore

Handcrafted in British Columbia

Raincoast Handmade Creations is a vibrant and socially responsible all-in-one online marketplace offering a wide variety of unique handmade items created exclusively by British Columbia crafters and artisans. Find BC-made work of enduring quality, including jewellery, accessories, bath and beauty products, textiles, sculptures, prints, woodcraft items, gifts, ceramic and glass housewares, and much more.

Shop our ever-growing inventory for unique items created on the pacific raincoast of Canada, or become a vendor yourself!

Paper wrapped gift box present - eco-friendly packaging

The environment in mind

Here in British Columbia, we are surrounded by ancient old-growth forests – carbon sinks that are critical to all life on this planet. It's our duty to help protect the ones that haven't been lost due to centuries of logging, and to work to make our own carbon footprints as small as possible. As such, we favour vendors who strive for zero waste living by using natural and found objects in their creations, utilizing plant-based ingredients, creating items in small batches, upcycling, repurposing used items to create something entirely new, or simply capturing the beautiful scenery of British Columbia in their artwork.

We believe in a circular economy and strive to package orders in environmentally-friendly post-consumer materials which can either be reused, repurposed, recycled, or composted. Our power is offset 100% by green energy, shipping is carbon neutral through Canada Post's carbon credit offset program, and through One Tree Planted, we plant one tree for every order! The customers who buy products from Raincoast will feel confident about their purchase.